Priority Registration 2019-2020

Priority registration for current families and church members Begins December 3rd @ 10 am. 

All other registrations will be accepted starting January 3rd.

If you complete a registration form there is a required $50 registration fee payable to ALNS.  Please mail or drop off to the address listed above.   In addition to the registration fee a deposit ( amount of the deposit can be found on the class information page) will be required to guarantee your spot in the class.

 If you would like to learn more about our program please contact the school office.

Click on the link below to register for your class.  If the class is full please register for our wait list or call the office to see if a space has become available 410-825-1725.

2's Classes

2-day 2's - Monday & Wednesday

2-day 2's - Tuesday & Thursday

3's Classes

2-day 3's - Tuesday & Thursday - this class also has a 3rd day option (M-T-Th)

3-day 3's - Monday, Wednesday & Friday

4's Classes

4-day 4's - Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

4-day 4's - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

5-day 4's - Monday through Friday


Wait List Registration